“Performances by Miloš Katanić impress not only by way of his brilliant mastery of
technique but also by the quality of his sensitive and individual musical interpretation.”
– Ursula Brandstätter, Rector of the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (Austria)

“A thoughtful performer of my music, Milos is capable to capture the fragile state of my music, holding it in the warm sounds that come from his accordion.” – Antonio Correa, composer (Colombia)

“There are many musicians who play to entertain the audience alone. Fewer are musicians who play to entertain themselves. Much, much fewer are true musicians who mind every detail and play for the audience as much as themselves. In that rare crop of unique performers is Miloš Katanić, virtuoso accordionist whose heart beats for music. For me, he is captivating at any time, in every piece.” – Yuri Shishkin, accordionist (Russia)

“The sounds of thought, the notes written on the paper, come alive when played by Milos. The richness and vibrancy of each sound is faithfully captured by his performance.” – Tauan Gonzalez Sposito, composer (Brazil)

“Accordion virtuoso, Milos Katanic…. what a splendid interpreter of new music and what a delightful friend!” – Robert Moran, composer (United States)

“…That and the fact of Mr Katanic’s unbridled genius take us to that unexpected world. It is one full of glinting lights, mysterious depths, expectations, frustrations, hopes and doubts, like the shattered shadows of a myriad of sinister scherzos glimpsed alternately by moonlight in a forest, or in the brilliant explosion from the centre of the nuclear corona of the sun.” – Raul da Gama, critic (Canada)

“…we have here an auspicious debut by a musician who is poised to define his instrument, the accordion, for the 21 st century.” – Allan J. Cronin (United States)

“…It is a pleasure to work with him because of his highly developed analytic understanding of how to bring forward the main ideas as well as all the small details from a composition at a performance. A very important quality for a performer of newly written music.
He possesses a non-debatable virtuoso technique in playing his instrument, which is mixed with a strongly poetic sense of beauty and drama. This can bring him far as a musical performer.” – Kim Helweg, composer (Denmark)